#40 Cushman Miike Go Kart Master Link For 40 Chain

#40 Cushman Miike Go Kart Master Link For 40 Chain


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QUALITY #40 master link fitting all #41 chain ONLY. Not cheapy Asian stuff…quality item from same company I use for all my #35, #40,#41 chain

Shipped FREE with a chain purchase…..wait for invoice so shipping costs can be deleted when purchasing chains. Immediate payments will have shipping refunded via paypal when combined with other ebay items

 Nothing worse than to build a new bike and have to chance scratching the paint in less than 5 miles to adjust the chain!! Nothing worse than everytime you want to ride, you have to stop and adjust the chain. I ONLY sell quality chain because cheapy chain is JUNK, and dangerous! I have used this chain for years on ALL the bikes I build have have great success. Buy a 10′ length get a  master link FREE of charge!

Worldwide shipping always available….

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40 Cushman Miike Go