Briggs Raptor Engine, Go Kart, Mini Bike, Bar Stool

Briggs Raptor Engine, Go Kart, Mini Bike, Bar Stool


On auction is a Briggs & Stratton Raptor Racing Engine.  This one is a Raptor 1 engine that has been blueprinted.  It has a steel sleeve cylinder and a single ball bearing crank.  It has an aftermarket ground cam.  It has a Raptor 3 style cam shapped piston and a Raptor 2 series rod that had the integral oil dipper vs. the Raptor 1 version that was made of sheet metal and was prone to breakage.  The lifter area is not welded up for strength as later blueprints were.  It has a methonal carb on it.  We have a gas jet in it now and the alky jet is also included.  We did a leak test on the engine and it is a near perfect 99%.

The engine came into our kart shop on a kart as a trade.  We don’t use the Raptors in our local classes anymore, so it is for sale here.  It has a decal on it from Moore Performance in Norwalk, VA.  We don’t know if it is just a nice decal or the engine builder.  There are no stampings on the engine to indentify it by an engine builder.  It has a purple restrictor in it, so it was likely run as an 8-12 year old rookie engine.

The engine includes the bugle header shown along with tank support, air filter adapter, recoil, and throttle belcrank on the carb.

This would be a killer mini bike, racing bar stool, or go kart engine as it makes approximately 8 HP and 12+ ft.lbs. of torque in the format it is in.  And the bugle pipe real barks! 

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Thanks for your purchase.

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