Vintage 4hp Tecumseh Hs40 Go Kart/Miike/Tiller/Etc Engine Look

Vintage 4hp Tecumseh Hs40 Go Kart/Miike/Tiller/Etc Engine Look

Vintage What I have up for bids here is a good used and completely original Tecumsesh HS40 4.0hp horizontal engine as shown below. I have had this engine on the shelf in my shop for many years for a vintage minibike project that I never finished. Ia selling off a lot of my extra go kart and minibike parts and this engine is the next item to go. Engine would be perfect for the guy who is on a budget and looking for good used 4hp Briggs or Tecumseh engine for his minibike or go kart build or maybe for the guy who just needs a good replacement engine for his tiller, waterpump, brush hog, hovercraft, log splitter, generator, pressure washer, air compressor or other application. Either way I think you will find this Tecumseh engine to be an awesome buy and find at our no reserve opening bid of just $24.99. New anywhere else, similar engines will cost you between $200-250 and dont have this quality, so I think you will find our price to be a great buy and find. This engine is in good running condition and is ready to mount and use,. Now heres what you will get,

(1) Vintage Tecumseh model HS40 4hp engine as shown below. Engine is a horizontal shaft model with a shaft diameter or 3/4″ and length of 2 1/4″ with another small output shaft of 1/2″ diameter by 1″ long.. Engine features the heavyer duty cast iron sleeve along with flywheel having the starter ring gear for electric start., Engine is approximately 17 1/4″ from the outside of the carburetor to the outside of the gas tank, 12 1/2″ from the base of the mounting surface(bottom of engine) to the top of the spark plug and 11″ from the outside or the recoil housing to the tip of the PTO(crankshaft). Engine weighs 35 pounds. Engine as you can see if in good condition with no damage, dents or repairs. Engine is clean and ready to mount and use. Some average paint wear and oxidation here and there on some components, but nothing effecting use. As I noted I have had this engine on the shelf for many years. When I put it on the shelf it did run and have very little hour time on it. I would recommend before use a tune-up and or carb kit. Below I have attached 4 pictures of the engine to give you a better idea of the condition and style of this engine. Please review before bidding.

If you have been looking for a good used 4hp Tecumseh HS series horizontal engine for your go kart. mini bike, tiller or other applications and dont want to break the bank, dont miss out! . Please email me if you have any questions and buyer to pay actual UPS Ground or USPS shipping in the US with NO handling or hidden fees. Good luck and thank you for viewing our auctions.



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Vintage 4hp Tecumseh Hs40

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