Go Kart Arrow 4 Stroke Two Part Billet Engine Mount

Go Kart Arrow 4 Stroke Two Part Billet Engine Mount

Go Kart Arrow 4 Stroke Two Part Billet Engine Mount

Engine Mount 4-Stroke Complete, an inovative engine mount made by DPE. These are supplied with all new Track Warrior four stroke karts.

Made from the best quality Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Using computerized CNC Machining Center fully automatic equipment. Designed and manufactured in Australia by Drew Price Engineering. Setting the world standard in Karting Equipment design and supply.

These engine mounts represent a breakthrough in performance and reliability. Helping you to get the most from you karting effort. It will keep your engine delivering its best power through the latest technology.

Giving you years and years of trouble free service. The benefit to you is in the smart designing effort given to these kart parts.

Have you noticed the engineering features of light weight design and webbed sections for maximum strength?

Helping you gain the success you strive for in all these hidden ways. A drilled set of holes are perfectly matched to the hole pattern on your engine Perfectly flat milled surfaces to ensure that your engine is without any stress in the crankcase.

This eliminates any power losses due to misalignment of the mount.

You will see in some of the pics that this mount uses two M10 High Tensile Cap Head Bolts to secure your engine to the chassis rail tubing. A complete mount of this style is as good as it gets.

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