Pontiac GTO 1967 GO KART

Pontiac GTO 1967 GO KART

Pontiac GTO 1967 GO KART

Late 60’s early 70’s this was in a win dixie, buy a 6 pack of dr. pepper and win the tiger. Thats right this is a rare machine, it’s a 1967 pontiac gto go kart. I’ve owned it for years and the owner before me 20 years. I had it painted and it runs perfect. I had the 1967 GTO but sold it. This belongs to a pontiac owner.

It has a 5hp tecumseh motor. Cranks first pull, I’m 5’11 215 and I fit in this with my 4 year old. The rear of it also says Pontiac in the middle and got the decals that look just like taillights. this cart has been painted by a local bodyshop. You can wax it if you choose so. Have paper work on the car, where its was made and stuff.

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